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Authentic Latin American Cuisine

Flamingo Restaurant offers an exquisite selection of authentic Cuban and Dominican dishes in Hialeah and the surrounding areas. A tasty mix of traditional dishes

Latin American Restaurant Hialeah

Latin American Restaurant – Hialeah

Welcome to Flamingo Restaurant

Established about five years ago as Soy Guajiro Cuban Restaurant, we now welcome our customers to Flamingo Restaurant with a more comprehensive range of delicious recipes.

Backed by a dedicated team of experienced chefs, we offer a delicious assortment of dishes inspired by our mother's traditional Cuban recipes, and more. We bring years of experience in the restaurant business to the table, as well as a fervent passion for Latin American cuisine and culture.

Using only the freshest and finest products, we serve vibrant and healthy delights that will leave you wanting more! Don't have time to stop by? We also offer delivery and pick-up options – just give us a call.

A fervent passion for Latin American cuisine

Latin American Restaurant Hialeah

Why Eat with Us?

Delightful Authentic Options

All our dishes are inspired by traditional recipes.

Affordable Prices

Our food is accessible to everyone.

Convenient Location

Aside from a McDonald’s, we’re the only other restaurant in Hialeah’s Flamingo Plaza.

Outstanding Service

Our devoted team serves you with warmth and smiles.

The Spot to Eat in Hialeah

Looking for a place to brunch with your friends and family? You've come to the right spot. Located in beautiful Hialeah, Flamingo Restaurant is a well-established family-owned restaurant where we are always in the mood for great food and offer nothing less than the best!

Our kitchen is a foodie's paradise, especially for those with a weakness for authentic Latin American cuisine.

Whether you're craving a Cuban Empanada or a Dominican Mangu, we have everything to satisfy your culinary curiosity. Our menu knows no bounds and is filled with a tasty mix of traditional dishes guaranteed to delight taste buds.

Visit us today and embark on a unique gastronomic adventure. We also offer catering services for your events.

A guaranteed treat for your taste buds

Cuban Cuisine Hialeah